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5 min readOct 11, 2021

UPDATE (15.10.2021) - Time Trial pool share details updated.

Right now we are 5 weeks into our 7 week Circuit Champion challenge and we hope everyone has been having fun on the tracks. Based on some feedback we have received we have decided to review our prize pools for the remaining 2 weeks and also bring a twist to the Time Trial challenges on the side.

Prize pool revamp details

To see the full Grand Prix™ Mode Event details, check out the article here: Join us for 7 weeks of F1® Delta Time Grand Prix action, but please review this article for the most up to date rewards. Remaining circuits can be seen below:

The event will still run for 2 more weeks with the new prize pools starting on 11 October 2021 and ending at 23:59:59 (UTC) on 24th October 2021. You can compete in every Tier and weather, but for each week only performance in one circuit will be considered. Rewards will be awarded on weekly bases, however, your performance over the 7 weeks will be counted towards the extra reward pool!

Grand Prix™ weekly trophies and REVV pool will remain the same (12 trophies and 60,000 REVV tokens per season per week), however, weekly key and NFT prizes will be changed for the last 2 weeks.

New Key Rewards

For the next 2 weeks we are spicing up the key rewards, as players will now have a chance to earn Legendary, Epic and Rare Keys in fractions! Usually these premium rewards are only available for those in the top positions, but with our new fraction system even lower placement gives you a chance to build towards the high end prizes!

Key fractions work similar to any other token, meaning a key can be divided into smaller portions. To open a key and get the 5 NFTs inside you will need to own one (1) full key. For example if you place 1st in Tier C 10 times, you would have 10 x 0.10 Legendary fractions which equals 1 full Legendary Key. Key fractions can also be traded as any other token, in case you would like to do so.

7 Week Ultimate Champion Rewards!

The bonus pool at the end of the 7 weeks, will remain the same. While rewards for this Grand Prix are paid based on weekly performance, at the end of the 7 weeks there is an extra reward pool available based on your overall performance! Your total point score of 7 weeks for each Tier will be divided by 7 to give you your points. Based on these points an additional reward pool of a total 100,000 REVV is given out to the top 20 performers from each Tier across the two seasons.

Grand Prix™ 7 Week Ultimate Champion Rewards

New Time Trial daily structure and key rewards

Starting from 11 October 2021 00:00:00 Time Trial will start to run as a 24 hour competitions, so instead of a weekly pool, each season will enjoy a pool of 3,000 REVV per day to compete for. This pool is divided between different Tiers 25% per Tier and in following manner per position:

Time Trial Pool Share

Payouts for these daily competitions will be done in a weekly manner and the key fraction rewards will be also available for those playing time trials based on your weekly total performance in the following manner.

Time Trial Trophies will also be available to the top 3 in each Tier, with 12 Trophies per season per week.

Time Trial Summary:

  • Starting from 11th October, Time Trial events will run daily from 00:00:00(UTC) till 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Weekly final standings are based on your combined points across the daily competitions, and will reward you with Legendary, Epic and Rare Key fractions
  • Daily rewards include 3,000 REVV tokens per season

Grand Prix™ Summary:

  • The new Grand Prix™ Mode event will continue to run for 2 more weeks from 11 October 2021 till 24th October 2021, 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • The Events featured in these remaining 2 weeks are Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix™ and Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix™
  • Weekly final standings for REVV Pools and Key prizes are based on one track in 4 weathers, however, there is an additional reward pool at the end of 7 weeks
  • Rewards include 60,000 REVV tokens per season per week, Legendary, Epic and Rare key fractions, 12 trophies and additional pool of 100,000 REVV at the end of 7 weeks

Any questions, give us a shout!

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