Third Elite Time Trial (10 Nov — 15 Nov), Great Rewards, New Format!

6 min readNov 9, 2020

UPDATE(01.12.2020): Please see end of the article for updated Elite Time Trial 3 results! After our members alerted us on possible issue with the final standings, team did some additional checks and there indeed was a mistake in the results. Our apologies for the confusion, rest of the REVV rewards have been sent to those who were short in their winnings!

UPDATE(25.11.2020): Results are out! Check out the end of this article to see the top 20!

UPDATE(16.11.2020): Due to a time zone related bug, our Sunday race was cut short. Not to worry, we will run the same track/conditions again this Tuesday, so everyone will have a fair chance to compete. Please see end of the article for current standings, so you know what you are up against!

Announcing the third F1® Delta Time 2019 Elite Time Trial tournament, this time with aggressive new scoring, and a tight window of 6 days to compete!

With this next event, players will be able to win Gamee tokens in addition to REVV once again. With a total pool of 600,000 tokens up for grabs.

The Third Elite Time Trial TL;DR

What: special event where you stake REVV in order to enter the Elite Time Trial, and compete in daily Time Trial races

Prizes: 300,000 of each token: REVV and Gamee (total: 600,000 tokens)

Yield: minimum yield of 0.1% on your REVV stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of each Tier will receive increased yields

When: 10 November — 15 November 2020

How: go to to get started

I don’t have car/driver/tyres: get some at

I need REVV: buy REVV at

The Third Elite Time Trial: Reward Breakdown

The third Elite Time Trial that starts on 10 November will include prizes of 300,000 REVV, and 300,000 Gamee Tokens (in the form of Gamee Token Vouchers).

All four tiers (A, B, C and D) are all available again to participate, with the reward pools of each tier being distributed on the basis of players’ final scores at the end of the 6 day event.

The payout for each position in each Tier is equal amounts of the two tokens: REVV and Gamee tokens.

Prize Pools by Tier

Note: In the event that the shared pools for positions 21+ drops below 150 total reward per qualifying player, the Gamee Token portion of the reward will be replaced with the same number of REVV tokens.

Tier A — Total Stat Range of 16,001+

Tier B — Total Stat Range of 10,001–16,000

Tier C — Total Stat Range of 6,001–10,000

Tier D — Total Stat Range of 0–6,000

Minimum REVV Stake Required by Tier

Players will need to stake a minimum amount of REVV to be eligible to participate in each Tier of the Time Trial. The amount that they have to stake will be dependent on which Tier they wish to enter.

After entering a Tier in this event, players can play as many laps as they wish, at no cost. Any REVV staked should remain staked until the event has ended, and the rewards tallied, to be eligible for the yield.

NOTE: be sure you own NFTs appropriate for the Team Score range of the Tier you selected:

  • Tier D: 0–6,000 Team Score
  • Tier C: 6,001–10,000 Team Score
  • Tier B: 10,001–16,000 Team Score
  • Tier A: 16,001 + Team Score

You can check which Tier you are in by finding the Total Team Score of your current composition in the Workshop (note that the Workshop does NOT count stats from your Tyres, which are selected just before you race, so be sure you take those into consideration!).

If you still have REVV that is staked from the previous Elite Time Trial event, it will count towards the current event. If you withdraw your stake, you will need to re-stake the applicable amount to play in a Tier.

The staking rules remain the sale as the previous tournament:

  • The stake can only be increased from Monday to Wednesday of each week of the event

Staking Yields

To be eligible to receive a yield on your REVV stake, you must participate in at least one Elite Time Trial race. The minimum yield you will receive is 0.1% on your stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of their Tiers will receive an increased yield.

Yields Reward Based on Final Position for Each Tier

Scoring and Leaderboards

During the last week we ran a survey to ask what you guys thought about the new scoring system.

As the majority (56.3%) preferred the new system, we have a modified version of this system for this event, adjusted to better included those who found it difficult to place in the top 10.

We look to have a scoring system that remains aggressive, competitive, and open to all participants for the duration of an event.

Start and End Times: 10 November — 15 November 2020

This new Elite Time Trial tournament begins on 10 November 2020 at 11 a.m. HKT (3 a.m. UTC), and ends on 15 November 2020 at 9 a.m. HKT (1 a.m. UTC) .

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time, you can find out more about the game by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord, so come and join the conversation.

Twitter —

Discord —

For those looking to add the final touches on their collection, or in need of a final Tyre, Driver or Car to allow them to compete, head on over to OpenSea and browse for the latest parts:

Final standings on Elite Time Trial 3 - Top 20:

Tier A

  1. [MYSTIC] CocoBear-146
  2. jc37–124
  3. NFTeam-111
  4. ogasahara-76
  5. [Smile] Mr. Smile-75
  6. マルコス-60
  7. [Super Fast] Benji 20–37
  8. yumaiyo-34
  9. [MYSTIC] DaBoZz-32
  10. [Elliotrades] The Landlord-30
  11. [Super Fast] Tony G-7
  12. [MYSTIC] Napoleon-6
  13. [Supreme] Theramoe-6
  14. [Speedtek] KESSLER-6
  15. [Super Fast] Caston1–6
  16. Tied For Last Place-6
  17. ftbp-6
  18. The Y-Train-5
  19. Bruck-5
  20. [Rex Racing] Yangon Dragon-5

Tier B

  1. [MYSTIC] DaBoZz-109
  2. [MYSTIC] CocoBear-101
  3. [MYSTIC] Napoleon-93
  4. [Supreme] Theramoe-78
  5. Lucky-UniboxTeam-77
  6. [Super Fast] Tony G-50
  7. cuma-44
  8. [Speedtek] Bertok-41
  9. [Speedtek] KESSLER-32
  10. [Speedtek] Brock_05–29
  11. [Super Fast] Caston1–26
  12. Tied For Last Place-24
  13. Fao-21
  14. [Elliotrades] The Landlord-15
  15. [Super Fast] Benji 20–10
  16. Extravaganza-9
  17. KryptoKarlsson-8
  18. jc37–6
  19. Gumi-6
  20. NikiMouse-6

Tier C

  1. Lucky-UniboxTeam-133
  2. cuma-108
  3. [Supreme] Theramoe-89
  4. [Speedtek] Bertok-86
  5. [MYSTIC] DaBoZz-77
  6. [おのれ]マルコス-42
  7. [Super Fast] Caston1–42
  8. [Super Fast] Tony G-36
  9. [Super Fast] Wayne-29
  10. Extravaganza-21
  11. [Speedtek] Brock_05–19
  12. Glock-19
  13. KryptoKarlsson-13
  14. Obeeus Mansell-13
  15. [Super Fast] Benji 20–13
  16. Tied For Last Place-11
  17. [Super Fast]Pepito-11
  18. yumaiyo-6
  19. ogasahara-6
  20. jc37–6

Tier D

  1. cuma-136
  2. Lucky-UniboxTeam-125
  3. [Supreme] Theramoe-92
  4. [おのれ]マルコス-57
  5. [Speedtek] KESSLER-53
  6. [Super Fast] Tony G-43
  7. [Speedtek] Brock_05–36
  8. Robertih-30
  9. Glock-30
  10. [Super Fast] Wayne-28
  11. Obeeus Mansell-24
  12. [Speedtek] Bertok-23
  13. Kinky-Kylie-23
  14. Extravaganza-21
  15. Veryan-20
  16. [Super Fast] Benji 20–13
  17. ☠☠☠-13
  18. ogasahara-13
  19. Tied For Last Place-7
  20. [Super Fast]Pepito-6

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