Second Elite Time Trial (27 Oct — 8 Nov) with Even More Rewards!

7 min readOct 24, 2020

UPDATE (10.11.2020): Please see end of the article for WINNERS and point standings after the Week 2.

Announcing the second F1® Delta Time 2019 Elite Time Trial tournament, now with even more rewards! This time the prizes include SAND (the utility token of The Sandbox) and Gamee tokens in addition to REVV — and on top of that we’re also giving away F1® Delta Time 2019 Season NFTs! Get ready to stake your REVV on 27 October 2020 to enter the event!

The Second Elite Time Trial TL;DR

What: a special event where you stake REVV in order to enter the Elite Time Trial, and compete in daily Time Trial races

Prizes: 500,000 of each token: REVV, SAND, Gamee (total: 1.5 million tokens); plus daily giveaways of F1® Delta Time 2019 Season NFTs (91 in total)

Yield: a minimum yield of 0.1% on your REVV stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of each Tier will receive increased yields

When: 27 October — 8 November 2020

How: go to to get started

Summary of Previous Event

The first F1® Delta Time Elite Time Trial Event ended on 18 October 2020. Unlike the Standard Time Trial game mode, the Elite Time Trial required players to stake REVV in order to enter, with each Tier of the event having a different REVV requirement and different payouts. Players competed head-to-head for REVV and REVV staking yield rewards.

Over the two-week event, players staked 17,337,967.727 REVV and raced 57,007 laps. A payout of 1,625,000 REVV was awarded to the entrants and winners, with a further 38,439.15 REVV paid as entry staking yield rewards.

Now it’s time to get ready for the next level of competition in the second Elite Time Trial!

The Second Elite Time Trial: New and Improved Prizes

The second Elite Time Trial that starts on 27 October will include prizes of 500,000 REVV, 500,000 SAND, 500,000 Gamee Tokens (in the form of Gamee Token Vouchers), and 91 F1® Delta Time 2019 Season NFTs.

There are multiple participation Tiers (A — D) and each Tier will have a set prize pool allocation, which will be distributed on the basis of players’ final scores at the end of the event.

The payout for each position in each Tier is equal amounts of the three tokens: REVV, SAND and Gamee tokens.

Prize Pools by Tier

In the tables below, the column “Total Rewards” shows the combined amount of tokens rewarded. For example, if you achieve second place in Tier A, you will receive 74,400 tokens in total, consisting of 24,800 REVV, 24,800 SAND, and 24,800 Gamee Tokens.

Tier A — Total Stat Range of 16,001+

Tier B — Total Stat Range of 10,001–16,000

Tier C — Total Stat Range of 6,001–10,000

Tier D — Total Stat Range of 0–6,000

Note: In the event that the shared pools for positions 21+ drops below 150 total reward per qualifying player, the Gamee Token portion of the reward will be replaced with the same number of REVV tokens.

NFT Prizes

In addition to the reward pools of REVV, SAND, and Gamee Tokens, there will also be daily prizes of NFTs. To qualify for NFT prizes, players simply need to race at least once during the Elite Time Trial event. Every day, 7 lucky players will win a random F1® Delta Time NFT from the 2019 Season.

Each wallet is only eligible to receive one such NFT prize. Players who received an NFT prize will not receive another, but they can still compete for the REVV, SAND, and Gamee tokens prize pools and (of course) earn their yield from staking.

Minimum REVV Stake Required by Tier

As with the Elite Time Trial, players will need to stake a minimum amount of REVV to be eligible to participate in each Tier of the Time Trial. The amount that they have to stake will be dependent on which Tier they wish to enter.

After entering a Tier in this event, players can play as many laps as they wish, at no cost.

NOTE: be sure you own NFTs appropriate for the Team Score range of the Tier you selected:

  • Tier D: 0–6,000 Team Score
  • Tier C: 6,001–10,000 Team Score
  • Tier B: 10,001–16,000 Team Score
  • Tier A: 16,001 + Team Score

You can check which Tier you are in by finding the Total Team Score of your current composition in the Workshop (note that the Workshop does NOT count stats from your Tyres, which are selected just before you race, so be sure you take those into consideration!).

One Tyres are equipped, this composition could possibly be over 16,000, which would make it Tier A

If you still have REVV that is staked from the previous Elite Time Trial event, it will count towards the current event. If you withdraw your stake, you will need to re-stake the applicable amount to play in a Tier.

The staking rules remain the sale as the previous tournament:

  • Any REVV staked cannot be withdrawn until 14 days have passed
  • The stake can only be increased from Monday to Wednesday of each week of the event

Increased Yields Based on Final Position for Each Tier

Scoring and Leaderboards

We have updated the way in which the Leaderboards tally player scores. Instead of being derived directly from the lap time of a player, the system will award points daily based on the position the player finished that day. This means that each day the top 10 in each tier will receive the same number of points, rather than the score being more variable (as it was in the previous event).

This type of scoring is taken from Formula 1 racing. With this change, we hope to keep the game competitive for all players, as well as make it worthwhile to compete for the highest positions. For example, getting a single 4th place is going to have far more value than a stream of 10th places. This allows players with a car tuned for only a few race tracks to have a chance at a strong score by the end of the event.

The points awarded are the same in each Tier.

Start and End Times: 27 October — 8 November 2020

This new Elite Time Trial tournament begins on 27 October 2020 at 11 a.m. HKT (3 a.m. UTC), and ends on 8 November 2020 at 9 a.m. HKT (1 a.m. UTC) .

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time, you can find out more about the game by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord, so come and join the conversation.

Twitter —

Discord —

For those looking to add the final touches on their collection, or in need of a final Tyre, Driver or Car to allow them to compete, head on over to OpenSea and browse for the latest parts:

Final standings for Elite Time Trial 2:

Tier A

  1. jc37: 291
  2. CocoBear: 208
  3. NFTeam: 199
  4. ogasahara: 196
  5. [Smile] Mr. Smile: 118
  6. マルコス: 90
  7. yumaiyo: 64
  8. [Super Fast] Benji 20: 54
  9. The Landlord: 44
  10. [Super Fast] Tony G: 18
  11. DaBoZz: 18
  12. [Supreme] Theramoe: 10
  13. Napoleon: 2
  14. The Y-Train: 1

Tier B

  1. CocoBear: 282
  2. DaBoZz: 229
  3. Napoleon: 146
  4. cuma: 144
  5. Lucky-UniboxTeam: 88
  6. [Supreme] Theramoe: 85
  7. [Super Fast] Tony: G70
  8. [Speedtek] KESSLER: 53
  9. [Super Fast] Benji: 2041
  10. [Speedtek] Bertok: 33
  11. [BEST TEK™] Car Not 4 Sale: 28
  12. [Speedtek] Brock_05: 22
  13. Caston: 122
  14. ogasahara: 19
  15. Kimi: 15
  16. The Landlord: 12
  17. DDD: 10
  18. KryptoKarlsson: 10
  19. jc37: 4

Tier C

  1. cuma: 221
  2. [Speedtek] Bertok: 209
  3. [Speedtek] Brock_05: 183
  4. Lucky-UniboxTeam: 173
  5. DaBoZz: 137
  6. [Speedtek] KESSLER: 130
  7. [Supreme] Theramoe: 99
  8. [Super Fast] Tony G: 42
  9. #おのまる: 23
  10. Glock: 22
  11. Caston: 116
  12. [Super Fast] Benji 20: 12
  13. Jez: 11
  14. Obeeus Mansell: 10
  15. KryptoKarlsson: 8
  16. ogasahara: 4
  17. jc37: 4
  18. Extravaganza: 3
  19. satman: 2
  20. [BEST TEK™] Car Not 4 Sale: 2
  21. Kimi: 1
  22. [Smile] Mr. Smile: 1

Tier D

  1. cuma: 240
  2. [Speedtek] Bertok: 231
  3. [Speedtek] KESSLER: 185
  4. Lucky-UniboxTeam: 182
  5. [Speedtek] Brock_05: 137
  6. [Supreme] Theramoe: 84
  7. #おのまる: 60
  8. [Super Fast] Tony G: 45
  9. Glock: 43
  10. Veryan: 29
  11. Obeeus Mansell: 24
  12. Iceman: 23
  13. ☠☠☠: 11
  14. [Smile] Mr. Smile: 8
  15. Kimi: 6
  16. Extravaganza: 2
  17. Rio: 1
  18. Wpfox58: 1
  19. [BEST TEK™] Car Not 4 Sale: 1

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