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3 min readNov 22, 2023


Featuring the Nissan Car Sale

Over the past 18 months, we’ve collaborated closely with the Nissan team to create the most precise and intricately detailed digital renditions of their vehicle lineup ever witnessed. Our primary goal has been to encapsulate the brand’s rich history and legacy within the Motorsport realm. At Grease Monkey Games, we personally share a profound passion for this mission, having owned, raced, and drifted several of these cars in reality. Our dedication to authenticity is reflected in our meticulous approach, leveraging cutting-edge 3D Lidar technology and CAD data to ensure every detail of these digital recreations pays homage to the real cars.

Where & How

On Wednesday, November 22nd, at 7:00 pm EST get ready to REVV your engines and navigate to the Torque Motorsport Store for an immersive digital racing experience. In the store, you will be able to choose from a selection of iconic cars like the Nissan 180sx and Fairlady Z Z34.

Once you select a car, dive into the purchase screen, deciding between the Standard Edition (Non-NFT) or the Limited Edition (NFT). Regardless of the option you choose, be assured that any distinctions within the game are purely cosmetic. Your purchase will be personalized to your preferences, guaranteeing the optimal experience based on your selection!

Standard Edition Cars

Acquire the cars through a conventional in-game purchase, offering customization and drivability akin to our counterpart purchase. This option is budget-friendly for those solely focused on gameplay.

Limited Edition Cars

All limited edition cars are NFTs minted to the Polygon blockchain and include additional utility. For those opting for the Limited Edition NFT will receive a random paint code for their chosen car, featuring varying rarity levels based on the real-life supply of the vehicle.

Various payment methods are offered for each vehicle type:

  • Standard Edition: Payment options include Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay via Stripe.
  • Limited Edition: Payments can be made using Credit Card via WERT or with REVV token.

Those who purchase limited edition cars using REVV token will get an exclusive 15% off discount!

*The REVV team will be minting 500 cars to be used for marketing and rewards.

A Glimpse into the Roadmap

Explore the forthcoming additions outlined in our roadmap, including the highly anticipated showroom/museum feature. This innovative addition will enable drivers and collectors to showcase their car lineup in exquisite detail, creating a digital counterpart reminiscent of Japan’s renowned Nissan ZAMA Heritage collection. Get ready for a new dimension of car sharing and appreciation on a global scale!

Aside from collecting, these cars are ready for racing and drifting in Torque Drift 2 right after purchase. Engage dynamically with the Nissan brand and fellow enthusiasts in the virtual world. We envision them being appreciated as both in-game vehicles and a historical homage to Nissan’s rich motorsport legacy.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about Torque Motorsport, REVV Token, and the REVV Motorsport platform at our official channels. Did we leave anything out or do you have any burning questions, please reach out to us for any feedback or comments!

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