REVV Racing - NFT Smart Contract Migration

3 min readDec 16, 2022


(UPDATE 18 Jan 2023 - Smart contract migration timeline was updated from second week of January 2023 to last week of January 2023.)

In preparation for the Fusion System we will be migrating all of the current REVV Racing car NFT (smart contract: 0x51ac4a13054d5d7e1fa795439821484177e7e828) to a new ERC-721 smart contract. During this migration, the existing assets and the smart contract itself will be essentially deprecated in favour of the new contract and assets.

This process is expected to have very little impact on players and owners, but it is advised that any assets listed on OpenSea should be delisted before the collection is removed.

Also, in this coming migration exercise, we will also be managing the deployment of the Catalyst (CATA) and Shard (SHRD) tokens on Ethereum and Polygon, taking a move toward the REVV ecosystem and REVV Racing of 2023.

Note: Bridging SHRD to and from Flow (MotoGP™ Ignition) will not be available until 2023.

The schedule at a high-level:

CATA and SHRD token deployment:

  • 16.12.2022: Catalyst and Shard bridge deployed (Ethereum-Polygon)
  • 19.12.2022: Catalyst and Shard contracts will be deployed to Ethereum and Polygon

NFT Migration:

The following will all take place during the last week of January, 2023.

  • The existing ERC-1155 contract will be paused/snapshot taken on 30th Jan 2023
  • The new ERC-721 contract will be deployed onto Polygon, with the mint happening automatically
  • Existing storefront will be removed, new collection will be set-up
  • All of the REVV Racing game components updated to detect the new ERC-721 smart contracts

How will my NFTs be affected?

The migrated NFTs (literally new NFTs from a new smart contract) have the same metadata, token IDs, chassis number, and supply as the current NFTs. They are functionally the same, too. The only difference is the smart contract which governs them. The new NFTs are also supported by the Fusion contracts.

Note: We did consider an opt-in method of minting to represent a ‘cleaner’ supply post migration (cleaner meaning that only active wallets claim the cars). But ultimately, this would have meant that two NFT collections would have been active on storefronts, and could lead to players buying cars from the older, deprecated collection. Also, it would have reordered the chassis numbers, meaning that you would not necessarily have the same chassis numbers for your cars that you currently have.

With this migration and deployment of several ecosystem contracts, we now look to build out the next 2–3 months with the follow releases:

  • 01.2023: REVV Racing NFT Migration
  • 01.2023: Minting of the F1® Delta Time ERC-1155 fungible Vouchers
  • 01.2023: Release of SHRD-to-CATA conversion UI on REVV Racing
  • 02.2023: Release of Fusion System (12 Blueprints available at release)


The current OpenSea collection that will be deprecated:

We will add the new OpenSea collection to this article once the migration is complete. The new collection will not support REVV listings immediately, we will be coordinating with OpenSea to ensure we have this enabled for the collection.




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