Next week’s F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ will take you to Great Britain and Shanghai!

And let’s double the Time Trial REVV Pools shall we?

5 min readJul 9, 2021

[UPDATE] Results are here! Check out our announcement on Trello

This week’s Grand Prix™ event has been focusing on the top 3 favorite Grand Prix™ based on player vote, and we also introduced new 2020 Key rewards to the Time Trial mode. After a week of cruising on the favorites, we thought it would be a good time to dive in a bit deeper to the next two in the list. Who knows, maybe after a week of intense racing you will feel more familiar with these circuits and even find a new favorite!

We also have some exciting news for the Time Trial players! Next week’s Time Trial will also reward 2020 Keys and we are doubling the REVV Prize Pools! On top of this, distribution will change so that more players will have a chance to earn some REVV!

For the Grand Prix™ there will be a 120,000 REVV pool, F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys and REVV Trophies on offer and this time you will have 8 leaderboards to compete in.

New Time Trial REVV Rewards Pool

Starting from 12 July, we will offer a pool of 20,000REVV for each Season, a total of 40,000REVV for Time Trial, in addition to the 2020 Key rewards announced with the event before. Reward pools will also be divided equally between the tiers, but each Tier will have a different number of winnings spots available in following manner:

  • Tier A: Top 10
  • Tier B: Top 20
  • Tier C: Top 30
  • Tier D: Top 50

We will share the exact distribution model in our Discord channel, so make sure to join!

Details of this F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™

In this Grand Prix™ Mode Event you will be able to race in 2 F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ events, selected as the next in line based on the “most popular Grand Prix™” vote by the players! Events:

  • Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix™
  • Formula 1® Shanghai International Circuit

The event runs for 7 days starting on 12 July 2021 and ending at 23:59:59 (UTC) on 18 July 2021. You can compete in every Tier, track and weather, but REVV prize pools and keys are tied to the points players get across 2 selected tracks and each of the 4 weather types. Essentially you have 8 leaderboards to compete in.

REVV Prizes

This week’s top REVV prizes will be based on your combined performance across 2 tracks. Your final placement on the weekly leaderboards for each of the 2 tracks in each of the 4 weather types will grant you the following points:

The points you earned from each of the 8 leaderboards for the given Tier are tallied at the end of the event and below boards reflect the weekly pools available for each Tier per-season.

Tier A — Stat Minimum: 16,000+

Tier B — Stat Range: 10,001–16,000

Tier C — Stat Range: 6,001–10,000

Tier D — Stat Range: 0–6,000

Grand Prix™ Mode Key prizes

This week’s top Key prizes will be based on the same factors as the REVV prizes. Those with the top 3 combined points from 8 leaderboards, per-Tier and season, will take home following keys:

On top of these, everyone else will be able to compete for Common keys with their total score from the 16 leaderboards.

Time Trial Summary:

  • Starting from 12th July, F1® Delta Time Time Trial reward pool will be expanded to 20,000 REVV per season and shared to a wider pool of players. Pool is also now equally shared between the Tiers, so you will know exactly how much is available from each position.
  • Weekly final standings for Key prizes are based on your combined points across the daily competitions
  • Rewards include 12 Time Trial Trophies per season, F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys and 20,000 REVV tokens per season

Grand Prix™ Summary:

  • The new Grand Prix™ Mode event runs from 12th July to 18 July 2021, 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • The Events featured in this event are: Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix™, Formula 1® Shanghai International Circuit
  • Weekly final standings for REVV Pools and Key prizes are based on your combined points across 2 tracks in all weather conditions
  • Rewards include 12 REVV Trophies, F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys and 60,000 REVV tokens per season

Any questions, give us a shout!

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